16 Aug 2013

Venture beyond the realms of the common British high street and it's opulent counterpart; you'll be sure to discover a lavish offering of affordable, independent boutiques, bespoke designers and a drove of très, très talented fashion postgrads; each one as eager as the last, to dress us up and perhaps remove us, from the everyday drone of those claustrophobic shopping centres.

Well yes, alright, the high street isn't all bad, but when we unearth labels as good as MOXHAM, it's hard to draw our attention elsewhere. 

MOXHAM hales as the creative brainchild of London-based visionary, Madeleine Moxham; an accomplished accessory and jewellery designer, who turned her attention to accessory design during her Masters, subsequent to working and training alongside names such as Aquascutum and Felder Felder. 

A career path definitely well chosen; each collection accommodates pieces which are as unique and beautifully crafted as the next; always seemingly turning an otherwise plain look into something contemporary and effortless, a clear representation of the modern woman. 

| Verity's selection | MOXHAM ANIBUS [Nude] |

| Scarlett's selection | MOXHAM KRUGER |

Heavy, mechanical yet wearable constructions have been crafted to fit together well with liquid silhouettes and minimal tailoring, consistently utilising the accessory as the focus of each ensemble; the crowning point of any outfit. With transitions from day to night simple; accents of gold, white and onyx decorate divaricated shapes, a look we can only describe as industrial minimalism.
The designs utter the thoughts of the brand's outlook - 'shunning the generic in favour of the oversized', because let's face it, individuality is always to be desired. 

Already with a cult blogger and industry following; news of an A/W 13 collaboration with chic label Three Floor on the cards, means that we are expecting to see the designer hold nothing back when creating her best collection to date.

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14 Aug 2013

close up: CARA PEENEY

Step aside Delevingne; the only Cara whose captured our interest of late, is that of fashion photographer and girl about town, Cara Peeney.

Fresh out of university and ready to dive straight into the competitive waters of the fashion industry; we invited Cara to talk with us about her time at the Vogue office, what makes a winning photograph and life under the showery skies of Manchester.

Just call me... Cara

Right now home is... Manchester, soon to be Italy but always Widnes.

Growing up I dreamt of becoming... an archeologist, a card shop owner and a poet among many, many other things.

Professionally, now I... am in visual communication, as well as a freelance photography.

The first photo I remember taking was... I think it was of my little sister many moons ago. My nan had some old point and shoot film cameras and I had draped some sheets for a backdrop, then wrapped some around her like a little nymph; I had thought. I remember being so excited to see my masterpiece when my nan got the film developed. It really wasn't what I had envisioned but I still thought it was cool.
 I still love that feeling of anticipation with film, and my sister is still my muse.

My decision to become a photographer... never really happened. I just went with my gut.

What makes a good photo... is a personal connection. For me I connect with a lot of imagined nostalgia. Images that stir me capture stolen moments.

The worst shoot I've ever worked on... I've been lucky so far, no horror stories. My worst was probably a self-portrait a few years ago. Underwater shoot plus white sheets and a self-timer.. cue tangled limbs and near death drowning experience, but some FUNNY photos.

Mistakes I've made overtime... so many, but mistakes are good. I learnt how to shoot analogue film through mistake after mistake and many blank film rolls. Comparing my work to that of my peers, if your work is sincere and personal, it shouldn't look like anyone elses. Stressing myself out. Over-thinking hinders the creative process, sometimes I have to tell myself to relax!

Some of the clients I've worked alongside include... I have acted as assistant to Karen Langley, the fashion editor at Dazed & Confused, as well as an internship within the art department at Vogue. Both incredible experiences and opportunities.

I've just graduated from... Salford Uni, with a fashion BA (Hons) degree in Fashion Styling and Image Making. The course was all about what you as a creative want to say... so go say it! 
An extract from a letter my tutor wrote to our group says it all really.
(I keep it on my wall)
"Misssss you all forever but you're now out there rockin' the world for the better n it makes me feel good just knowin' that, so go watcha waitin' for, goooo do it for real, it's no longer a project, it's life. So gooo experience and influence and take over the world. Love u all, always remember, love is the answer x"
In the upcoming months I'll be... moving to Italy. Working with the visual communication team for Marina Rinaldi. I have two weeks to pack up my life. 

Friends and family would say I'm... "financial retarded" and "an idealist" - My parents.
"Large eyeballs" - My boyfriend, Danny.
"Like a talking golden Labrador" - My friend, Emma.

My style influences include... French women. I always get excited for A/W, hello Stella M and Dries van Noten collections. Phoebe Philo always gets it right for me too.

At home I enjoy... relaxing! Mostly I can be found horizontal in my pyjamas watching a film. I love to cook and read, do yoga at least once a day and I'm teaching myself Italian. Please tutor me Verity...

  But when I'm out and about you'll find me... in a bottle of gin.

My advice to any budding photographers is... a little self belief and a lot of coffee will get you there.

This has been... molto bene, grazie.


| Images c/o cara-peeney.blogspot.co.uk |