26 Mar 2013

oh là là the lake & stars X & other stories.

We all do it and those who deny it most definitely do.

Judging each other by our choice of outfit; the clothes a person, or more so a woman, wears can say more than words when it comes to first impressions. Lingerie, however, can tell you everything. It's just a pity it's not for everyone's eyes to see. 

Shopping for underwear should be a fairly private affair. 
Whether you prefer to purchase in magnitude from the high street or to treat yourself (exaggeration on the treat) from Agent Provocateur, there's something a little more intimate about it than say browsing through the rails in Mark's with your mum.
So, when we heard that trendy lingerie brand 'The Lake & Stars' are currently working on a collaboration with our favourite new store '& Other Stories', it came as a pleasant surprise. 

If you haven't heard of & Other Stories yet, then well, which rock have you been living under? As the offshoot label from the people who give us Cos and H&M; the store is literally our new go to for stylish new pieces for our wardrobes. This latest collaboration sees a clearly covetable collection of 1960's inspired undergarments. Think teasing buckles and straps contrasting against a delicate and powdery colour palette; each piece is set to promote a sense of sensuality and confidence to the wearer. 

If that doesn't tell you something about a girl then we don't know what does.

24 Mar 2013

the avenue.

We'll admit that we're a little less familiar than we'd like to be with Manchester's Spinningfields.
An iridescent maze of towering, glass offices and white collard workers; we've only really ventured down there to laze in front of the outdoor cinema screen during summer or to sip on a few (several) cocktails.

So, that being said; when we received an invitation to attend an exclusive press tour along what's know as 'The Avenue' in Spinningfields, we didn't have to think twice about rsvp'ing.
With high end emporiums such as Mulberry, Flannels & Oliver Sweeney; from what we hear, The Avenue is readily becoming Manchester's lane of luxury and the latest go to for the fashion concious.

Together with journalists from some of the city's most reputable publications, as well as other blogging personalities; the initial purpose of the event was to gain a unique first look at some of the more deluxe collections on offer for the new season.
That, in addition to a mention of complimentary brunch at the ultra chichi Manhattan inspired restaurant Neighbourhood; it was Verity who called 'shotgun' and did the honour of going along.

Proceeding straight into business at Emporio Armani; us somewhat holiday tourist-like group of press were greeted by a fleet of modelesque staff members, all of course dressed in Armani threads.

Emporio Armani's SS13 women's design ethos seems to be a sure nod to the empowering physicality of today's modern Italian woman. Shortening hem lines, asymmetrical knitwear and clean cut tailoring mix well alongside pastel tones and this season's must have shade of 'sunset', in an altogether fluid dynamic. Accessories play a strong part within the collection. Staying bold and daring, they formalise an otherwise feminine look and add to the empowerment. 

If Armani just isn't your forte then we're sure Mulberry is.... 

Mulberry, Mulberry, Mulberry, who doesn't love Mulberry? Clearly everyone's favourite stop on the tour; the effeminate interior of the store companied with it's to die for handbags meant we over stayed our allocated time.
Showcased were a collection of dreamy, soft Italian leathers, layered over dainty dresses which feature in a summery colour palette of vibrant sorbets and saccharine tones. The occasional animal print presented itself, whether as a luxurious leopard or, in true Mulberry style, an unconventional gecko.
Sitting boastfully within the centre of the store is Mulberry's latest addition to their family of self-indulgent arm candy, the 'Willow'. A handbag whose key design is to turn an everyday structured tote into an evening clutch; it's no wonder there's a huge waiting list.

Ahead of the tour we did hit a few of the primary hot spots for Menswear. On Otterly we do tend to feature heavily on Womenswear; however, that's not to say we may not venture into the opposing genders style in the near future. 
Across from Mulberry; Oliver Sweeney presents an overabundance of the finest leather and suede footwear for the contemporary gentlemen, even boasting it's new line of espadrilles which feature a leather sole. How snazzy? Whilst American iconic brand Brooks Brothers promotes it's preppy look; proudly announcing that the company have recently worked alongside the costume designers for DiCaprio's new film 'The Great Gatsby'. 

Continuing onto Ted Baker; the 'pashion' store here at The Avenue is only one of two in the world. When we think Ted Baker we imagine exaggerated colours and that signature distinctive edge, both qualities which failed to disappoint for both the current Menswear and Womenswear collections.

In true Flannels style we were greeted by mannequins exhausting designs from the likes of Matthew Williamson, Miu Miu and Dolce & Gabbana; once again playing up the sickly sweet tones of the summer with the shortness of the modern silhouette. 
With what seemed to be a complete fashion overload within the hour that went by; the prized cherry came in the form of a Tom Ford suit, a suit that familiarizes itself with Justin Timberlake's latest album cover. Gentlemen please form an orderly queue.

After sampling the delights of what exclusivities The Avenue have to offer from it's stores, and a very mouth-watering pain au chocolat for brunch; we feel that Spinningfields truly deserves a little more acknowledgement along Manchester's fashion front line.

19 Mar 2013

genuine plastic.

What's black, white and bondage all over?

Scantily clad in leather and racy corsets; Cara Delevingne releases her inner dominatrix in a raunchy photo shoot curated and shot alongside the king of couture, Karl Lagerfeld. 

Staged to promote the designer's first capsule collection with Brazilian shoe brand Melissa; the 16-page spread for the brand's in-house magazine 'Plastic Dreams' features the model looking leathered up and fierce. 

Following in the synthetic footsteps of Vivienne Westwood; Karl Lagerfeld has signed on for four seasons with the jelly shoe pioneers, a collaboration we thought was a little out of character, until we saw the final result.

Discontent with creating designer Diet Coke bottles; Karl's rubber creations will be laid bare within the magazine's ninth issue, a publication which boasts a circulation of 300,000 in Brazil alone.

It would seem that plastic is the new 'black'.

14 Mar 2013



Dusan Reljin


10 Mar 2013


Face Hunter?

Whom or what is a Face Hunter?

Is it, a: A person who takes pleasure in the sport of inhumanly tracking down a desired face and, once caught, mounting it above their mantelpiece. 

Probably not. 

Or is it, b: A French speaking, Swiss born photographer; who takes his natural talent for spotting the world's most fashionable and on trend and creates an online visual diary, better known as 'yvanrodic.com'

Of course we're talking about the latter of the two. 
One of the most influential street style photographers within the blogging universe; Yvan Rodic, or Face Hunter, is a name we presumed most would already know. So it came as somewhat of a surprise when Verity quite delightedly messaged a friend to say "Face Hunter has tweeted me back" to only receive the reply "Who's that?".

Well, they say you learn something new everyday. Flash back to 2006; the majority of us had probably never even heard of Facebook or Twitter, let alone the term 'blog' and yet here is Yvan Rodic; vigorously snapping away the street style looks of Paris, uploading them onto his original blog and ultimately setting the standard for street style photographers worldwide.


Since then Yvan has circled the globe countless times; calling in at Lisbon, New York, Oslo, Rio De Janeiro, Honolulu, Melbourne, Taipei, Zurich, Abu Dhabi, Cape Town & Chicago, to name a few, capturing individuals with arresting styles. Suddenly, that weekend away we spent in Paris seems, in comparison, a little inadequate.  

Whether it's off duty models at Milan Fashion Week or an unsuspecting, stylishly dressed unknown in Tokyo; we've witnessed Yvan working hard to keep his websites updated with the most striking and chic characters over the past 5 years.

This month marks the release of Rodic's second publication
 'A Year in the Life of Face Hunter'; 
an intimate diary which follows Yvan through 365 days of fashion, as well as a few more personal moments captured along the way. By our standards, a definite pick up.

Our copy came pre-ordered yesterday, naturally.

| Pre-order your copy here |

| You can follow Yvan on both yvanrodic.com & facehunter.blogspot.co.uk as well as on Twitter and Instagram |  


8 Mar 2013


Mat Maitland x KENZO


6 Mar 2013

arley avenue.

| Verity - H&M Mongolian Cardigan | Calvin Klein Jersey | Topshop Fuzzy Square Print Trousers | 
Vintage Leather Gloves | Urban Outfitters Chelsea Boots |

| Scarlett - American Apparel Colour Block Oversized Button-up Shirt | Silk High Waist Pleated Pant | 
Urban Outfitters Satchel | Topshop Premium Portobello Boots |

Contrary to popular belief, it's not officially Spring until March 21st, however, being British means any bit of sunshine and it's coats off and cardigans on.

Verity - These Chelsea boots have seen better days, in fact they've seen a lot better days, but when you find a good pair it's hard to let them go; I suppose they could now be called vintage?

Recently I've been a little experimental with prints. Paying homage to Louis Vuitton SS13; these trousers create an elegant silhouette and attract just the right attention.
Oh, and the leather gloves were a nice surprise find from Cow in Manchester.

Scarlett - Sent exclusively from LA;  I've been waiting for the right moment to show off this shirt. I decided to slightly change up the colour tones that I've been wearing recently, as we're moving from winter to spring; I've gone for burgundy, navy and a dash of red. This satchel is the first piece I purchased when I initially moved to Manchester; it's simple yet compliments the whole outfit. These boots also complete the look; I love the detailing around the toe cap and the buckle & strap.

5 Mar 2013

la mode et le monde.

Chanel makes the world go round.

Chanel AW13 - Grand Palais, Paris

Never one to be outshone; Karl Lagerfeld débuts Chanel's AW13 collection around a giant revolving globe, to the sound of Daft Punk - Around The World.
As you do.

| IMAGES: Twitter @CHANEL @llariaCasati @VougeParis |

4 Mar 2013

mmm quoi?

Dazed Digital - Dazed and Confused - Maison Martin Margiela

Dazed and Confused's unconventional Q&A with the house of MMM.

3 Mar 2013

talking industry [2]

"Women can't be equal to men until men are equal to women"
Here you have it; part deux of 'talking industry', where Adrien Parry Roberts expresses his unconditional love for the colour black, alongside Lanny Israel and his attempts at creating the perfect media.

It's a shame we didn't manage to get a photo of Adrien; without a doubt the most extravagantly dressed speaker so far. He rocked up to the lecture wearing a longish, black tailcoat jacket, a mélange of silver rings on both hands and the sleekest of long silvery hair; perfectly shaven at one side. With a manner of gregariousness, he announced that his talk would be purely about his select tastes within menswear; a certain look, aptly named 'The Dark Look'Armed with a mammoth amount of power point slides, depicting just what 'The Dark Look' entails; it was clear to us that, like Thomas, Adrien felt so strongly about this particular definition of style.  


 | SIKI IM AW13 |


Men who have a taste for something more adventurous within their fashion will look to this design; think draped tabards, heavy layering, monochromatic costume, experimental tailoring and every last attention to detail, all put together in an ageless and androgynous cluster. 

Never lost for words; Adrien put his heart and soul into declaring his love with this certain look. Naming designers such as Gareth Pugh, Ziggy Chen & Roark; you'd have to forgive us for our lack of familiarity and perhaps yours. Here's one name to accustom yourself to; Daniel Bamdad. The poster boy for all things noir; Roberts had a gleam in his eye when he uttered this model's name.

From the apocalyptic to extremism to the homoerotic; there is nothing fancy and floral about this trend but we somewhat like that edge. Adrien described this overall style as 'breaking the boundaries and gradually moving away from what is the norm within menswear'.
Admirably, passion and obsession again played an important role in Roberts' talk; so much so that even after the '5 minutes' sign came and went he still continued to speak. 

Adrien proudly announced that he continues to complete his 'Dark Look' wardrobe, even suggesting that he may have to divulge in a pair of Gareth Pugh 'Wedged Boots', because let's face it "if Lenny Kravitz can wear them, so can I".

After an almost full day of lectures; we we're feeling so much more inspired and motivated, the only thing we weren't feeling were our derrières. So, as Lanny Israel entered the room it signalled the last of the day.

Lanny was not at all what we expected; but then what do you expect from the 'Senior Vice President of Marketing & Visual Concept' for major fashion retailer Mexx? A Bio-Chemistry graduate from Ohio; Lanny's style of dress can only be described as paying tribute to 'Pee Wee Herman' but it somehow worked. What you can't see from that photo are the chestnut coloured Oxford's he also wore; accordingly without socks.

You're probably thinking the same as we were; how does a person with a degree in something completely opposite from anything fashion related, end up in a career so creative? As Lanny explained, the first step was applying for a job at Gap, just something to support him after University. At a time when the position of visual merchandiser didn't exist; it turned out the store loved his creative input and encouraged him to do more.
"They were training everyone on the cash register but me; I think they thought I was stealing or something."
Israel has a pretty impressive résumé; not only working his way towards the position of 'Global Vice President of Visual Merchandising and Design' for Gap but working for companies such as Peek & Cloppenburg and Esprit. Lanny's talents and work ethic make him valuable property within the fashion market. Although, it's not the prospect of a easy money making that spurs Lanny on, it's that word that keeps appearing; passion. The belief that fashion is a lifestyle and not just a product. 

|Lanny Israel for Mexx|

Lanny believes that 'Everything is media'; from the retailer and the advertising to the website to even the sales assistant, it should all reflect the brand or as he put it quite simply "The story has to make sense". What is the point in having a luxury clothing campaign when none of the items are available in store? A hater of pure consumerism; Lanny explained this was the problem he first encountered with Mexx but is working hard to put it straight and help the brand regain its exclusivity.
"make the consumer shopping experience effortless, memorable and a destination of choice."
When asked what three things he bases his success on, he answered; "Number one, I will never lie. Two, having the feeling of passion and the hunger to improve something; after all it's not the consumers fault if they won't buy the product it's yours and three, I'm an incredibly visual person in terms of team growth & creativity." 

Quite clearly the message we received throughout the whole day was that fashion is more than just, as we mentioned, 'the outfit of the day', a quick fix or a way of making easy money. It's about the passion, the obsession, the business and everything else that goes with it.